Music 4 Life® Partners

Do you have a business in the wellness or music industry?

If yes is the answer, then increase your sales volume by learning more about your customer’s needs. Offer them a free Music 4 Life® online self-assessment. Review the life conditions listed on the assessment to determine if you sell products or services that address those problem life conditions they may check. If yes is your answer, contact Music 4 Life, Inc. to start your training for Advisor Certification. Once you become certified as a Wellness Partner, we will provide training programs, products and link your website to our website.

Wellness Partner Levels:

  • M4L Advisors are health and music professionals who are trained to refer to music as a resource for health with standardized product applications.
  • M4L Specialists are pre-qualified health and music professionals who are trained for clinical applications.

M4L Practitioners are pre-qualified music therapists who are trained for clinical applications in active music making sessions and customized home CD programs.

Contact Music 4 Life® to place your order.

To gain a better understanding about music wellness program strategies, read Judith Pinkerton’s article in Corporate Wellness Magazine (March, 2012)
Music Wellness Programs: Merging Self-Responsible Strategies.”

Music 4 Life® Advisors

Music 4 Life®  Advisors are trained to recommend Music 4 Life®  in their community as a resource for health, referring to the on-line self-assessment that empowers people to use effective stress management tools. Certified Advisors have completed Music 4 Life’s “Music as Medicine” 5-hour workshop or webinar. Don’t waste time: Enroll in the 5-hour recorded webinar now.

Music 4 Life® Practitioners

Pre-requisite: Music 4 Life® Advisor training. Music 4 Life® Practitioner Levels I and II trainings focus on applications and treatment processes for standardized MEE™ CDs (Level I) and production of custom MEE™ CDs (Level II). Practitioners have completed extensive training to become members of the Music 4 Life® Practitioner Network. If you are interested in becoming a Music 4 Life®  Practitioner, you must pre-qualify by completing the Music 4 Life® Advisor training. Practitioner Level I and II trainings vary in length of time dependent upon background and healthcare certification. Contact Music 4 Life®  to enroll.

Practitioners in the Music 4 Life®  Practitioner Network may be contracted to participate in employee telemedicine that support prevention and treatment consultations provided through on-line corporate wellness programs. For more information about the Music 4 Life® Practitioner Network, please contact us. 

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