Vision 4 Mission

Everything we do at Music 4 Life® we believe challenges the status quo because we think and act differently. We empower people to be responsible for their health with easy, accessible, inexpensive program and products to feel better and save health care costs. Music 4 Life® staff teach user-friendly life skills that access music differently through Music Therapy, Music Medicine and Drum Circles.


Music 4 Life, Inc. will be a leading complementary & alternative medicine global provider and collaborator of self-discovery wellness and education programs and products.


Music 4 Life, Inc. expanded from SeminarConcerts International, Inc. (1991-2010) providing Music 4 Life® programs and products through Music Therapy, Music Medicine and Drum Circles. Research, development and commitment to excellence support Music 4 Life® empowering people to experience success with improved health.

Core Values

  • compassion
  • courage
  • creativity
  • enthusiasm
  • honesty
  • joy
  • love
  • purpose
  • respect
  • responsibility