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Custom MEE CD

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List Price: $750
Includes: long-distance Creative Process telephone session (1-3 hours); CD production (1-2 hours), shipping/handling; first listening session evaluation, unlimited email correspondence during treatment process, final assessments, evaluation and recommendations.


The "MMSA Clinical Manual" guides the clinician's application of the MMSA inventories to determine a client's emotional balance. Evaluations of the five assessment inventories provide a framework for applying the MEE Concert CD, MEE in the Key of Peace CD, or recommending a custom MEE CD be produced. The typical program is a 14-day regimen of daily listening to the "MEE Concert" with a journal form that documents listening experiences for clinical evaluation. The MEE Concert has positive benefits for an average of 87% of clients.

When the MEE Concert is not appropriate, a custom MEE CD can be produced long-distance with Judith, and is accomplished successfully in co-treatment with the therapist. The client enrolls in the MEE Study for longitudinal evaluation, and must re-enroll annually with Music 4 Life® to continue USE-ing the custom CD, an on-loan copy mostly comprised of music selections from Judith's library. Custom MEE CDs are composed of a variety of pre-recorded music from many different music styles pre-selected during the client's creative process session with Judith. The creative process session focuses on selecting music that will release, transform and manage emotions to meet pre-determined non-musical goals. Over 100 case studies support the effective work of custom MEE CDs.

To schedule a custom MEE CD session with Judith, purchase the MAPP MEE Self-Assessment Tool Kit first and complete the process to insure a custom MEE CD is necessary, then contact Music 4 Life®
or, travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for your personal session. A therapist is highly recommended to co-treat during this usually intense month-long treatment process.