Music 4 Life® products

Journey with MEE...through virtual reality...for enhanced well-Being

Your virtual reality journey begins when Judith Pinkerton's music awakens your feelings, thoughts and experiences. You are unique. Expect a true "me" experience! Medical and music therapy research support the positive power of music. Music 4 Life® products offer you the unique opportunity to heal and grow with a variety of music styles.

Sixteen years of research and development support the quality and healing power of the USE MEE books, recordings and assessment kits. Sales of these products benefit the nonprofit organization International Foundation for the Healing Arts.


The Sound of Healing: Customize Your Music for Enhanced Well-being

MAPP MEE® Self-Assessment Booklet

MEE Study


Stress Brake

MEE - Music Exercising Emotions Concert

MEE - Music Exercising Emotions in the Key of Peace.

Journey with MEE CD

Custom MEE CD


MAPP MEE Self-Assessment Tool Kit

Music 4 Life® Kit


MAPP MEE Self-Assessment Therapist Starter Kit

MAPP MEE Self-Assessment Clinical Manual

MMSA Client Inventory Form

MMSA Music Inventory Form

MMSA Emotional Inventory Form

MMSA Virtual Reality Music Inventory Form

MMSA 14 Day Journal Inventory Form

Set of Five Assessment Inventories