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MAPP MEE™ Self-Assessment Tool Kit

The "MAPP MEE™ Self-Assessment Tool Kit" takes what you learn in "The Sound of Healing" to a deeper, more personal level! Evaluate your emotional inventory and music preferences to understand how music and emotions work together to release, transform, and manage daily control over health and life situations. Complete the assessments, listen to...

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Music 4 Life® Kit

help a loved one reduce stress, anxiety, depression, anger or grief -- now. Buy this complete kit to start using music that may work immediately. The Music 4 Life® Kit discounts the cost of buying all items separately, creating the multi-faceted opportunity of USE-ing music that is loved - and music never heard of - from 16 music styles, addressing any life situation. Whether you are at home, work, school, traveling, on vacation, working out, or in the hospital, this Music 4 Life® Kit adapts to any situation.

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Aroma Drum® Stress Management System

$130 + $20 S/H

Aroma DrumThe Music 4 Life® “Stress Brake” CD and Program Booklet are available for separate purchase here. Or, the “Stress Brake” CD can be purchased within the Aroma Drum® Stress Management System which integrates life enhancing benefits of healing music, aromatherapy and therapeutic drumming. 

It may be possible to significantly reduce stress in fifteen minutes using the “Stress Brake” CD.

A uniquely interactive system, the Aroma Drum® with the Music 4 Life® program, is designed to help you maximize your body’s own natural ability to relax, and offers an opportunity to enhance your personal wellness during short breaks

The “Stress Brake” music can be sampled when you become a Music 4 Life® member.