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MEE® Study

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Spiral Bound Workbook: 13 pages
Publisher: SCI-Seminar Concerts International Inc. (2005)


The MEE® Study summarizes findings of quantitative and qualitative research studies at the university student health center. The literature review includes prior MEE Studies: exploratory study of audience participants (n = 212, 1991-93); and the preliminary study with oncology patients (1994).

These two prior studies supported further investigation of the "MEE" Concert's effect with a younger generation. Over a ten-year period, staff at University of Nevada Las Vegas' Student Health Center reviewed positive reactions from Pinkerton's presentations for possible application to various UNLV departments. Stress was recognized as manifesting emotional challenges for college students, which could be alleviated by employing the "MEE Concert." Student Health Center subjects (n=27) were identified and tested to evaluate the benefits of listening to the "MEE Concert." Pre-post MAPP MEE assessments were administered to measure quantitative and qualitative data relative to emotional health, utilizing the USE emotional continuum. Results yielded a significant reduction in "unsettledness" (i.e. anxiety and depression).