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Music 4 Life® Kit

MEE Concert

Mee in the Key of Peace

Journey with MEE

The Sound of Healing

MAPP MEE-Self-Assessment Tool Kit

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List Price: $75 (Holiday expedited shipping within 2 days, shipping/handling fees added at check out)
Includes 5 products:
"MEE Concert" CD
"MEE in the Key of Peace" CD
"Journey with MEE" slide show music CD
"The Sound of Healing" training book
"MAPP MEE Self-Assessment" workbook


Help a loved one reduce stress, anxiety, depression, anger or grief -- now. Buy this complete kit to start using music that may work immediately.
The Music 4 Life® Kit discounts the cost of buying all items separately, creating the multi-faceted opportunity of USE-ing music that is loved - and music never heard of - from 16 music styles, addressing any life situation. Whether you are at home, work, school, traveling, on vacation, working out, or in the hospital, this Music 4 Life® Kit adapts to any situation.

The USE MEE Model is the foundation for all Music 4 Life® programs and products and is based upon 13 years of research and case studies. It is a comprehensive classification system for all music within mood categories sequenced to release, transform and manage emotions daily. When emotions are cleansed, behavior and physiology are usually positively affected. Just push "play" to experience immediate relief with the healing cds, or become educated about wiser choices of music to USE MEE music formulas -- personalized strategies for improved health.