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MAPP MEE Self-Assessment Tool Kit

MAPP MEE-Self-Assessment Tool Kit

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Includes: "MAPP MEE Self-Assessment workbook" "MEE-Music Exercising Emotions Concert" CD


The "MAPP MEE Self-Assessment Tool Kit" takes what you learn in "The Sound of Healing" to a deeper, more personal level! Evaluate your emotional inventory and music preferences to understand how music and emotions work together to release, transform, and manage daily control over health and life situations. Complete the assessments, listen to virtual reality music, score and evaluate your responses to continue using Music 4 Life®. This tool kit includes the diagnostic "MEE Concert" as well as the workbook's special assessments, instructions, evaluations, recommendations and diary. If you already own the "MEE Concert," purchase only the workbook. *Note: The "MEE Concert" is required to complete the assessments. The workbook is intended for one-time use.