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The Sound of Healing: Customize Your Music for Enhanced Well-Being

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The Sound of Healing synopsis (page 158)

Synopsis (Page 158)

Pachelbel's music, melodious classical music in general, or any one style may or may not be the right choice for you in a particular situation because of the personal differences elements in music therapy. But somewhere, for everyone, there is a style of music that will do the healing work. To return to a theme from chapter 1: Unity lies in music's ability to heal, diversity lies in our individual ways of finding our own healing levels.

Given that diversity, it's my expectation that this book will be used differently by different people. It is in part, a buying guide to music, an aid to better organization of a music collection, a philosophical treatise, a music analysis reference, and an examination of the undercurrents in human lives. I believe you can keep coming back to it, just as I believe you will keep returning to music for both pleasure and a powerful healing experience. I was raised to love music; I have learned to appreciate and apply its true power; and I wish you the best of all of these experiences.

- Judith Pinkerton, MT-BC music therapist-board certified