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MAPP MEE® Self-Assessment Clinical Kit

The "MAPP MEE Self-Assessment ("MMSA") Clinical Kit" includes the clinical manual, five inventories, and the diagnostic "MEE Concert" CD. Based on the USE MEE Model, these clinical assessments can be implemented by physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, therapists, counselors and music therapists.

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MAPP MEE® Self-Assessment Clinical Manual

The "MMSA Clinical Manual" guides the clinician's application of the MMSA inventories to determine a client’s emotional balance. Evaluations of the five assessment inventories provide a framework for applying the MEE Concert CD, MEE in the Key of Peace CD, or recommending a custom MEE CD be produced. The typical program is a 14-day regimen of daily listening to the "MEE Concert" with a journal form...

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MMSA Client Inventory Form

MMSA Music Inventory Form

MMSA Emotional Inventory Form

MMSA Virtual Reality Music Inventory Form

MMSA 14 Day Journal Inventory Form

Set of Five Assessment Inventories