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“Music 4 Life® is equipping our troops with a force multiplier in combating PTSD before, during, and after the war.  Never before had we exploited such a capability toward this end. I strongly believe that Music 4 Life® will provide more of a sense of normalcy during combat operations than ever before. As we endure this protracted war, we are going to need the tenets of Music 4 Life® to assist our force in daily maintenance."

— Colonel Gerald D. Curry, USAF

Music 4 Life® custom programs and products are available with consulting, customized promotional CD gifts, Music 4 Life® radio show spotlights, employee relations training, and mental health complementary programs.

  • Stress management programs and products
  • Group #69 -- Training Aids & Devices
  • B -- Special Studies & Analysis
  • Q -- Medical Services
  • U -- Education & Training Services

"I was admitted to the hospital for testing because I had really bad headaches for four days in a row. I didn’t want to watch television while I waited to hear what the next step would be during my two-days there. So I listened to the MEE Concert. It took my mind off waiting for answers and my tension went away. I wish I’d had the music in the emergency room when I waited for seven hours to see the doctor."

— Jim S., Audio Engineer, Nevada

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