Music 4 Individuals

"I’ll be able to explain how Music 4 Life can help my patients (particularly my patients with cancer) and suggest Judith’s book and therapy sessions. Everyone should know about this therapy that can be effective as a stand-alone or as use in conjunction with other therapies. Bravo!"

— Janet B., Registered Nurse, Nevada

Are you experiencing:

  • Stress, anxiety, depression, anger or grief?
  • Disabilities with a desire to improve quality of life?
  • Medical conditions with a desire to reduce pain, increase wellness, and shorten hospital stays?

Then Music 4 Life® custom programs and products are for you.

"Intense grief from my illness (Lupus) and my parents dying exacerbated my pain. The doctor said if I could only relax, the pain meds would work. For 2 years I was unable to relax. Then I listened for two weeks to my personal MEE recording and the pain went away because my grief was 'exercised' out of me. I could finally relax and the pain medication worked."

— D.M., Therapist, Nevada

Complete the on-line self-assessment* to understand how you can apply Music 4 Life® now.

*Music 4 Life® membership is required to access the self-assessment. If you are already working with a mental health professional, it is recommended that you consult with her or him about your self-assessment results to determine the best course of action.

Contact us to create a custom program that meets your needs.

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