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"When I work with small groups of fourth and fifth graders who have anger management issues, I purposefully play the ‘MEE Concert’ as background music at the beginning of the group. The MEE recording appears to de-escalate their anxiety levels. After doing this for the first few meetings, I am able to use just mellow music for the rest of the groups because they seem to be able to shift on their own – into a more calm state – when they enter the room. After several years of experience using this method successfully, I recommend that other counselors and teachers consider playing the ‘MEE Concert’ during class or groups to possibly make their job easier in managing student behavior."

— J. Poteete, elementary school counselor Clark County School District, Nevada

Music 4 Life® is available with customized programs to meet the needs of students, teachers and administrators.

  • Staff in-services that teach stress management and effective classroom behavior management strategies.
  • School assembly programs that teach students health strategies about making wiser music choices that improve health.
  • Stress management programs and products.
  • Student wellness programs for groups and individuals.
  • Team building that improves productivity and cooperation.
  • Employee Assistance Programs that include alternative prevention and wellness strategies for stress reduction.

"In the field of special education, I could use MEE recordings to accomplish more and have a more peaceful learning atmosphere."

— Lyle H., Special Education Pahrump, Nevada

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