Music 4 Achieving Goals,
Peace, Relaxation,
Sleep and Spirituality

...in their own words

Music 4 Achieving Goals

"I reached a wall in therapy I couldn’t break through. I was stuck. The MEE tape was a miracle for me. I was able to face my barriers head-on, and break through them to achieve the emotional balance I needed to reach my goals."

— G.M., Business Executive Las Vegas, Nevada

Music 4 Catharsis

"The first part of the ‘MEE Concert’ – I couldn't close my eyes watching Judith deliver all of this. I could feel all the love she was putting into it. She was so totally engaged in it that it was flowing through her. During the third section I could feel my heart area opening up. At first I didn't know if it was some hurt that was busted loose and clearing out, or if it was the whole thing opening up. Then I felt it go up to my throat and start to open it up. This whole place [heart/throat] is open right now and just flowing with the breathing. I came specifically because of what you said last week, that this was going to be clearing a block. It delivered very nicely. Thank you."

— James M., Business Executive Las Vegas, Nevada

Music 4 Peace

"During the first portion of the ‘MEE Concert’ I felt like I was hurrying here and there and everywhere. And then a miracle happened. I recalled my mother whom I took care of for so long and the violin was her favorite musical instrument. It was like she was giving me peace. I just felt wonderful. I could feel her reaching and saying 'Child, it's okay to get the lesson for today to have peace. To live in your peace.' I shed tears and connected with her. Then the music reminded me of the happy times again and my mother wanting me to be happy again. For me it's reliving [tears] being in touch with her again and her being my guide to say 'It's okay – it's okay to be in the flow of life."

— Ruta P. Nevada

Music 4 Relaxation

"My body actually experienced changes from tightness in head to a heaviness in body to warm all over to lightheadedness. I ended up very relaxed from the ‘MEE Concert."

— G. Bennett, social worker Nevada

Music 4 Sleep

"When my husband is out of town, I usually can't sleep well. Judith's Peace CD has solved this problem."

— Dr. S. Cadwallader Texas

Music 4 Spirituality

"Very refreshing. I would like a whole lot more of this. Spiritual nourishment."

— M. Fitzgerald, Assoc. Professor of Nursing University of Nevada Las Vegas

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