Music 4 Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Pain,
Chronic Pain and Stress

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Meet Ted who stopped by to tell you how Music 4 Life works for corporate executives with stress problems.

Music 4 Anger

"Extreme family problems used to create intense anger and sadness in me. I never felt as deeply as with a MEE tape. The most powerful change happened when I moved into a new dimension of peace. Sadness and anger just flow through me and move right out. I now realize that feelings are a gift to experience life, rather than holding them back."

— VanDyne W., retired Utah

Music 4 Anxiety

"Pain attacks started after my husband died of cancer. The MEE tape eliminated these attacks and the need for Xanax within three weeks of daily listening. I know that if I don't listen to the tape the attacks will start again."

— Nancy I., personnel analyst Arizona

Music 4 Depression

"As I listen to the depression-matching music on the MEE tape something seems to come into my chest, grab the depression, and pull it out physically. The second portion of the tape makes me think of love - 'Ave Maria.' I feel much better, at peace."

— Manuel B., retired chemical engineer Nevada

Music 4 Grief

"I lost my twins and dived into the many feelings of grieving. I found the USE MEE method so helpful. I had the confidence to plunge into intense feelings through matching them with the right music, knowing that I would heal faster."

— Judith Pinkerton, Founder and President, Music4Life Las Vegas, Nevada

Music 4 Pain

"During the 'MEE Concert' I felt a swift blow in my back just below my shoulder blades. I thought the man behind me had hit me with his fist. But I realized the blow was below the level of the chair back, so it couldn't have been from an external source. Upon discussion with a class facilitator the next day, she suggested it was my heart chakra opening. I have had a slipped disk and some leg pain since 1956, but recently I noticed the pain has gone away since the charka-opening event."

— Bill S., retired airline pilot, actor California

Music 4 Chronic Pain

"I discovered music therapy at our monthly support group and decided to try a custom MEE tape. The process was very gradual over two weeks with the end result of no longer needing my cane. Recently I've been a bone cancer survivor, had knee replacement surgery from arthritis, and experienced my mother's death. I had been confined to a wheelchair and then a cane, with little desire to go out. After listening to the MEE tape, my assessments revealed my joy had doubled! It was then that I realized my extreme pain level had been reduced to background discomfort. Since then I've been traveling and enrolling in classes and even cleaned the bathroom totally - on my knees! I still listen to my MEE tape when I need to perk up."

— Connee M., cancer survivor and mental health counselor on disability Nevada

"Intense grief from my illness (Lupus) and my parents dying exacerbated my pain. The doctor said if I could only relax, the pain meds would work. For 2 years I was unable to relax. Then I listened for two weeks to my personal MEE tape and the pain went away because my grief was 'exercised' out of me. I could finally relax and the pain medication worked."

— D.M., Therapist Nevada

Music 4 Stress

"After having five heart attacks within one year, I began listening to the MEE tape regularly. Since then I haven't had another heart attack because my stress is regularly relieved."

— B. Wood, Southern Nevada Director, American Heart/Stroke Association Las Vegas, Nevada

"As a nurse I see clients with many illnesses. Music4Life can help clients with decreasing blood pressure, pain, and anxiety. Educating the client to how music exercises can help release their emotions, the clients can then feel more at ease, more in control."

— Janice W., Registered Nurse Nevada

"Music4Life has been very helpful to me. I can play the MEE Concert to passengers who I pick up at the airport to reduce their stress."

— L. Alessandrini, Taxi Cab Driver Nevada

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