Music 4 Cancer and Trauma

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Music 4 Cancer

"A MEE tape broke my denial and restored some of my self-esteem. I even feel comfortable not wearing a wig while my hair grows back."

— P. Davis, cancer survivor Las Vegas, Nevada

"I’ll be able to explain how Music4Life can help my patients (particularly my patients with cancer) and suggest Judith’s book and therapy sessions. Everyone should now about this therapy that can be effective as a stand-alone or as use in conjunction with other therapies. Bravo!"

— Janet B., Registered Nurse Nevada

Music 4 Trauma

A constant rage had been running the life of Kristine L., also in her twenties, who had a childhood rife with severe domestic violence. Consequently, her relationships with everyone—friends, strangers, and husband were seriously affected. She never went anywhere by herself and she always worried about whether people would accept her. She knew karate well enough to hurt people, but could not maintain good control, thus she seriously injured a girlfriend during a workout. This increased her fear of people, as she worried about what she might be prompted to do to them. When I met her, her home had become her prison.

Music therapy included counseling with a MEE tape. Kristine said that at first she had problems listening to the music that evoked love, because it brought up too many bad recollections. "Nobody in my family loved me and it upset me to try and experience love because I didn’t know how to feel it, and I wanted to so badly. So I was relieved when the tape player broke! Then, I realized that I really did need to listen to that kind of music because I was starting to feel better. So I got the stereo system fixed and made myself listen to it religiously—at least once a day.

"I used to be scared of people, and in less than two months I was able to smile and even talk to strangers. I’ve set up my own business, gotten the necessary contracts to secure business through the next three years, and started back to work. Music, lots of new and different music, has become a very important element in my life now. Enigma even brought sex back to my marriage!"

— Excerpt from Judith’s book, "The Sound of Healing"

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