Music 4 Blended Families, Relationships and Teens

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Music 4 Blended Families

"We have a blended family of yours, mine and ours. Disagreements are common considering I didn’t birth my stepsons and my husband didn’t birth my daughter. This lack of strong maternal or paternal emotional ties to all of our children breeds a natural occurrence of bias and favoritism. We have applied MEE tapes to dissolve emotional challenges."

— Ann P., Consultant Alaska

Music 4 Relationships

"Disabilities have challenged our dreams of what the golden years were supposed to be like. We have found the MEE tape to be invaluable in helping us make the transition from life-long jobs to retirement with peace and joy."

— Gary and Marilyn S., retired couple Las Vegas, Nevada

Music 4 Teens

"My first MEE tape helped me have fun again! Since my dad died, I’ve been stuck in what felt like an inescapable depression. Since I started music therapy, there’s been a slow change, and now I’m feeling like a new (better) person."

— Mallory B., Middle School Student Nevada

"My experience on the MEE tape was a great one and I’ve never experienced anything like it before. Nothing in mind can compare to it. I learned that the music everybody listens to has a great deal of influence on how they act, feel and who they are. And the way people listen to music is very important. I learned the different ways you can listen to music, and how affecting it is, once you find the right music. This MEE tape is designed to exercise your emotions through music. It starts out with unsettled music that triggers you, then it moves into soothed music to relax you and allows you to let your feelings show, and come to the surface in a positive way. Then I was exercised to go into energetic music, and that was the state where I was headed. At first I didn’t think it would work, but I have to say it made a big difference on how I dealt and how I deal with my feelings and emotions. I reached where I was headed, but I had to follow the rules along the way. I’m thankful for this tape and Judith’s capability of knowing music."

— Tiffany S., High School Student Clark County School District, Nevada

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