A personnel analyst who replaced medicine with music . . .
a cancer survivor who traded her cane for enriching travel . . .
a chemical engineer who found peace . . .
a retired couple who discovered joy in their golden years . . .
a doctor who now sleeps peacefully.

Nothing can describe the power of the Music 4 Life® health system like the personal stories you'll read below. Read on to understand how Judith Pinkerton's programs and music have helped people just like you ... in their own words.

...in their own words

Music 4 Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Pain, Chronic Pain and Stress

Music 4 Mental Health and Life Review

Music 4 Classrooms and Hospitals

Music 4 Cancer and Trauma

Music 4 Achieving Goals, Catharsis, Peace, Relaxation, Sleep and Spirituality

Music 4 Blended Families, Relationships and Teens

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