Margret's Story about Music 4 Life®

[Judith's disclaimer: Margret's story is not the norm with Music 4 Life® programs and products. Usually medication is complemented, not eliminated, with Music 4 Life® products. If the Music 4 Life® client or customer desires to stop use of prescribed medications, it is essential to first consult with the attending physician or therapist.]

My name is Margret. I am 48 years old and I suffer from clinical depression and anxiety disorder. I have been plagued with these problems for the better part of 30+ years. During this period I have spoken to counselors, Doctors and psychotherapists. Of course let's not forget the drugs that I have taken for the past 15-20 years. Prozac, Wellbutrin, Lexipro, Xanax, and others that I cannot remember. Let me add that all the stress leads to insomnia and migraine headaches.

I met Judith in February 2005. I had decided again that I was sick and tired of taking so much medication and still not feeling okay. Whatever okay is. Judith gave a presentation of her music product and I was intrigued. I purchased both cds. I cannot think of what they are called by title, but I call them my feel good CD [MEE Concert] and my go to sleep CD [MEE in the Key of Peace]. I listened to the feel good one on the way home not realizing what an impact it would have the first time. I cried while driving home. I cannot explain the emotions that poured out of me. I really felt quite foolish because I did not understand that the music was bringing feelings to the surface that I spend everyday trying to bury.

I listened to the CD everyday for several weeks. I still listen when I realize that I am feeling kind of down. I know that I should listen more regularly but like everyone else I get caught up in my very busy lifestyle and do not take time for myself. The CD stays in my car so I can pop it in anytime I am driving around and I am alone. You cannot listen to it when kids are screaming in the back seat. Please let me also advise that it is best to park the car if you are having a lot of stress or feeling really down, because the music will bring it out and you will find your self just bawling like a baby. I still do not understand how it works , but it does.

I have not taken any medications for depression or anxiety since that day in February. Today is July 5, 2005. I still have my up and down days, but I have not felt that heavy black cloud hanging over my head in a long time. Let me just say that in the past I have quit taking my meds on a number of occasions only to end up worse off. More suicidal, more anxiety. It was not a good time in my life.

So you may say how can the music really work for someone with so many problems. I do not know but it is working, and that is all I care about. Now let me tell you about the go to sleep CD. I was skeptical about this the first time I put it on. It starts out with a lullaby, and I thought, I am not a baby so how in the hell is this going to put me to sleep. In the past I have tried a number of over the counter and prescription sleep aids because I cannot sleep. I toss and turn, up every couple of hours, lay in bed wide awake staring at the darkness. When you don't sleep well it amplifies all of the other problems I have been dealing with. The anxiety and depression escalate because of the lack of sleep.

I wish that I could tell you what the entire CD sounded like but I have yet to make it past the 3rd song. My husband could not believe how quickly I would fall asleep and how sound I sleep when I listen to the CD. Again like anything else sometimes I just forget to listen and the bad sleep returns. Even my husband who is asleep before his head hits the pillow commented on how well rested he felt and what good sleep he got. I have not taken any sleep aids for the past 3 or 4 months.

I recently went through knee surgery and I have no proof that either CD helped my recovery, but I can tell you that I bounced back a lot faster than expected and the pain was minimal. If I could add anything else, it would just be, try the music and let it work for you. I can honestly say that I think it has saved my life. I am right now running two businesses and planning on opening a third in the next year. I have stress but I feel like I can handle anything. All thanks to Judith and her music. Thank you Judith. You cannot know how much better I am because of your CDs.

Sincerely, Margret C.

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