Music for Mental Health and Life Review

Music 4 Mental Health


"Outstanding! One-of-a-kind, unique observations that help me personally and through me, all my clients. I will use music in the sequence tension/centered/positive expression in order to help the client release emotions rather than just mood alter."

- D. Fitzpatrick, alcohol & drug counselor Nevada

"My clients who use MEE tapes have derived significant benefit. The end result adds a freshness to life with spouse, family and friends because their individuality has been strengthened, allowing for more honesty and genuineness."

- Cheryl C., MS, LMFT, LADC Nevada

"Very refreshing. I would like a whole lot more of this. Spiritual nourishment."

- M. Fitzgerald, Nevada, Assoc. Professor of Nursing Music 4 Life Review

"I experienced my whole life during the 'MEE Concert.' As I went through that first stage of music I relived the time when I tried to be everything to everybody and couldn't keep up. During the slower music I felt the crashes I would experience in the past. Then I would come back up and try again. The music repeated the same thing that I had been through. That period of my life ended, and love began [tears -- with the music], and that was very moving. Then I felt the joy toward the end that all of that has brought me."

- John M. Nevada

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